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Jannat – Double-Sided Folding Fabric Screen, Room Divider in Kashmiri Fabric

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  • Jannat (fabric room-divider) is the elegant beauty in your living room and bedroom who never intrudes but makes an impression. Her slender and fine curves transform your space from dull into heavenly as she drapes a new resplendent robe for the latest occasion, party, or cocktail. Always aptly attired, Jannat can veil and unveil a space coyly, creating corners for whispers and romance, shielding the lone bather from curious onlookers, or sequestering the bookworm far from the madding crowd.

  • Using vibrant 3-ply silk yarn, this intricate crewel embroidery was done on cotton, which was subsequently bonded on non-woven industrial fabric to make it tensile and durable for upholstering on furniture. Our kashida fabric is from ‘The Crewel’ and organisation in Srinagar which started with just 20 women artisans living in Wasak Nag in the Kulgam District; for them, the embroidery work provided a secondary source of income after horticulture.

  • A convenient screen for your living room or bedroom, this screen divider is a metal structure with black powder coating. It makes for the perfect, customisable screen for any occasion in your home with choice of festive fabrics for any occasion and a chance to personalise and change up your home’s look.
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  • Note on Patterns: Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, patterns in product may not be placed in the exact same places as in the product photos.

    Fabric Details: Crewel embroidered fabric using 3-ply silk yarn in Blue-Pink-Orange colors on one side and Blue-Pink-Red colors on the other side

    Metal: Powder coated steel for black structure and hinges for folding the divider in three ways

    Dimensions: Height (from tallest to shortest screen in inches) 84" and 76" and 65" and Width of each divider is 20" with gap of about 0.5" at hinges, hence, total Width of screen divider approximately 62"

  • Measure Your Area:Before purchasing the furniture, measure the areas indicated in the images below and share them with us. We'd be happy to help you with navigating your space.
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  • Fabric Care Instructions: Direct sunlight is bad for your upholstery. Too bad that fabric sunscreen doesn't exist.
    Spilled something on your upholstery? Blot(do not rub) as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth. Call those pros at the earliest.
    Lined, protective arm caps are a good idea, especially for new furniture – arms are the most soiled parts of the sofa and deserve some protection.
    Sitting on the edge of your seat are for theatres! Doing that on your sofa will ruin them
    Do NOT iron upholstery unless mentioned otherwise.
    Cute paws and wet noses are best left outside the sofa ;)
    Your sofa, like the human ego, is quite fragile. Pushing and pulling will result in scratches and damage. Please handle with care.
    Keep anyone from climbing on the frame to prolong its life.
    Hot/cold objects are meant for a table(with coasters), not your sofa!
    Spray your furniture with 3M ScotchGuard once in 6 months. They combat spills, stains and moisture!
    Make sure you brush/ vacuum your slipcovers at least once a month to keep them clean too!
    If slipped covers aren’t your thing, find a throw for your sofas. They keep your sofas clean and are a good accessory to cozy up with, in the cold.