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306/307, Panchsheel Plaza, Hughes Road, Mumbai-400007

306/307, Panchsheel Plaza, Hughes Road, Mumbai-400007


Naga Shawl Lounge Chair with Detachable Surface and Knob

₹ 48,000.00 INR
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  • Nizam (Lounge Chair) is magnificent to behold. Paired with a sentinel Pitara or Tabla, he commands awe for the elegance, comfort, and leisure he offers. His fine, aquiline structure lends a semblance of royalty to whatever room he’s placed in. He is First among Lounge chairs – Master of his domain, Commander of his turf, which you may call your Living Room or Bedroom. Nizam gives your recliner a run for his money. Nizam rules.

  • Our Naga upholstery fabric is woven using cotton yarn, which is light and ideal for Indian climes. The women who wove our fabric are members of Chizami Weaves (under North East Network, a women’s rights organization). Using the loin-loom, they have woven traditional Naga tribal motifs with a modern colour-palette of terracotta, pink, white, and black. It takes anywhere from 10 to 30 hours for a weaver to weave one single, narrow strip of cloth.

  • Superlative lumbar support for the lower back
    Laziest, most comfortable chair for lovers of leisure and loafing
    Detachable surface on which to place your wine glass, coffee mug, iPad, or pet dragon
    Classic, rare mid-century modern structure that is difficult to replicate
    Certified Master of Functionality-Ergonomics-Comfort-Aesthetics-and-Quality

  • NOTE on Patterns: Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, patterns in product may not be placed in the exact same places as in the product photos.

    Fabric Details: Ceramic Naga cotton weave with patterns of Black-White-and-Pink, and Brown Linen Beading/ Border

    General specifications (l x b x h): 27 in x 42.51 in x 40.1 in
    Seating Height: 16 in
    Seating Depth: 19 in
    Seating Width: 22 in
    Armrest Height: 24 in

    Wood: Sheesham (armrest), Plywood, & Acaccia (seat bucket) in Gold Natural Finish

    Foam: Combination of High Density 40D & 28D

  • Before purchasing the furniture, measure the areas indicated in the images below and share them with us. We'd be happy to help you with navigating your space.

    1. Direct sunlight is bad for your upholstery. Too bad that fabric sunscreen doesn't exist. 
    1. Spilled something on your upholstery? Blot(do not rub) as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth. Call those pros at the earliest.
    1. Lined, protective arm caps are a good idea, especially for new furniture – arms are the most soiled parts of the sofa and deserve some protection.
    1. Sitting on the edge of your seat are for theatres! Doing that on your sofa will ruin them
    1. Do NOT iron upholstery unless mentioned otherwise.
    1. Cute paws and wet noses are best left outside the sofa ;)
    1. Your sofa, like the human ego, is quite fragile. Pushing and pulling will result in scratches and damage. Please handle with care.
    1. Keep anyone from climbing on the frame to prolong its life.
    1. Hot/cold objects are meant for a table(with coasters), not your sofa!
    1. Spray your furniture with 3M ScotchGuard once in 6 months. They combat spills, stains and moisture!
    1. Make sure you brush/ vacuum your slipcovers at least once a month to keep them clean too!
    1. If slipped covers aren’t your thing, find a throw for your sofas. They keep your sofas clean and are a good accessory to cozy up with, in the cold.


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