Every day at Sihasn, we find ourselves falling in love. We’re lovers of Indian handicrafts, heritage textiles, vibrant homes, and all things beautiful!

We’ve also fallen in love with nature, livelihood for artisans, gender-equality, having fun at work, finding fulfillment in our product designs and our work. We were breaking our heads wondering just how to infuse all the things we love into cold, boring office spaces – into the air-conditioned, white-lit, over-caffeinated lives of those shackled to their desk-jobs and glued to their computer screens. When we hit upon Shaggy – a tactile, fluffy upholstery lovingly knotted together by the team of a Pushkar-based organization, The Stitching Project.

Our Shaggy chair is the dream chair for those fidgety folks who want an alternative to thumbing through Insta on their mobile phones when they’re bored or in need of a healthy break from their laptops.

These Shaggy cushions are so much fun to fidget with – it is relaxing, almost therapeutic, to have these on your sofa

Shaggy is for those who care about carbon footprint; no – really, Shaggy will probably be the only thing in your office that is not an industrial recipe consisting of plastic, metal, glass, lead, plaster, acrylic carpeting, machines with cathod ray tubes, wires, and chips of all sorts, and so on. It’s because Shaggy is made using Sihasn’s leftover Assam silk-cotton fabric neatly cut and dexterously knotted by the team at The Stitching Project, an organization that employs over 100 rural women and is committed to fair pay, fair trade, and sustainability.

Sihasn loves the lovely ladies of The Stitching Project #GirlPower 😊

Shaggy requires for strips of evenly cut cloth to be crocheted onto a mesh backing, typically of cotton

Not only is Shaggy cosy, fluffy, tactile, and fun, but its story is one about livelihood-generation and green efforts. As the founders of The Stitching Project, Fiona Wright and Kanhiya Lal have stated on their website, “Live, laugh, learn is our motto” and this is precisely what Shaggy breathes into your fibreglass office – Life, Laughter, and Love. We found that just like us at Sihasn, the folks at The Stitching Project are very much in love as well; as Fiona has said on her website: “Love keeps us going. Love of India we share through our tours at Creative Arts Safaris. Love of our community we share through work creation and great textiles at The Stitching Project.”

Shaggy Rugs of Love by The Stitching Project

Strips of Saree fabric sorted by colour before being crocheted

This Love for all things has taken The Stitching Project from the humble homes of rural women to the ramps of Lakme Fashion Week, 2017. Their trendy, exclusive, kantha-embroidered outfits are each one-of-a-kind and are certified by Craftmark. When we, at Sihasn, first saw their meticulously knotted upholstery using leftover fabric, it was love at first sight. And we knew that this was finally that ray of light – that fluffy, playful, cosy, colorful chair of love that your office desperately needs – Shaggy.

A Trendy Kantha-embroidered Jacket by The Stitching Project

Shaggy can be super-trendy as attire as well!

Adorable Shaggy bag by The Stitching Project