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Everyone has that frayed saree they’ve inherited from their grandmother that they can never wear ever, but simply cannot sell either. After conducting significant R&D into fabrics and understanding how they can be bonded with industrial fabrics to be used as upholstery, we at Sihasn can now take your treasured saree out of the cobwebbed corners of your closet and give you a chance to display and celebrate them as upholstery draped resplendently across your furniture.

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Sample Client’s Nizam Draped in Heirloom Kanjeevaram

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Upholstering Furniture with Antique Parsi Gaara

The Parsi Gara is a rare fabric that employs near-extinct embroidery techniques that have their origins in China. As a result of its endangered status, the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has set up Parzor, an organization that researches and documents Parsi history, art, and embroidery before they become lost memory fragments.

Bonding a Mysore Silk Saree with Industrial Fabric to Upholster on Furniture

We can upholster a Sihasn product for you with your favorite loom.

First, we do an initial evaluation to check to see if the loom can be used in upholstering and once it has been approved,we ask you to courier your saree to us for upholstering. Fill our customised form here or call us at 9167016580.We will get back to you soon!

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