At India Design Week, Sihasn executed the innovative concept of fabric wall-paneling, sourcing the fabric from women Kullu tribals of Himachal Pradesh

The Authentically, Unapologetically Indian B&B Experience

Just when you thought there was nothing beyond apparel, furnishings, pillow covers, and furniture slipcovers for Indian textiles, here’s another innovative concept – fabric wall-paneling! Less messy and time-consuming to execute than wall-paint, more dynamic than wallpaper, as easy to maintain as your carpets and curtains, fabric wall-paneling is the next step in breathing life back into Indian heritage textiles while keeping the design tone chic and modern.At India Design Week 2020Sihasn presented yet another package you can avail of at highly competitive market rates: end-to-end Interior Design using ONLY products made in India and sourced from Indian handicraftspersons including:
1. Handmade, hand-painted sanitary ware
2. Low carbon footprint bed (Zero use of Foam and Dachron) filled only with coir and cotton quilting
3. Shaggy fabric chandelier
4. Whatever else you may desire that’s Desi and Trendy

This is What Happens When a Group of Tribal Girls Band Together

Twenty years ago, way back in 2001, a group of tribal women of the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh formed a cooperative to weave and sell their shawls, which they’d until then, conventionally woven for personal use only. Today, this humble cooperative is a thriving retailer and exporter called Fab Himalaya, providing livelihoods to over 150 weaving families in the Kullu Valley, also known as the Valley of the Gods, aptly named so for its ethereal beauty and stunning vistas. The shawls or “pattus” as the Kullu tribals refer to them, are woven from YakAngora, and Sheep wool once the yarn is dyed in vibrant, eco-friendly vegetable colours. Today, Kullu shawls provide livelihoods to over 20,000 – approximately 60%! – of Kullu tribals.

Kullu Tribal Women[Source: Fab Himalaya]

The Wool Road: From Tashkent to Kulant Peeth

The Kullu Valley is considered the end of the human world (“Kulant Peeth”) and the beginning of the realm of the divine, supernatural world; and rightly so – its ineffable beauty and charm are nothing short of heavenly. Kullu tribals trace their ancestry to Central Asian shepherding nomads who, for thousands of years, wove singular geometric patterns in Red, Black, White, Yellow, and Green – motifs which are today unique to the shepherding tribal communities of UzbekistanTibet, and Himachal Pradesh.

Kullu shawls woven by the tribal women weavers of Fab Himalaya
– traditional motifs in contemporary colours

Fabric Wall-Paneling – Dynamic, Fun, Replaceable, Detachable – Alternative to Stuck-With-Wallpaper and Same-Old-Paint

A Sample Sihasn B&B Bedecked with Vibrant Kullu Fabric Wall-Paneling