Frequently Asked Questions


01. Shipping and Delivery

Delivery will take 21 business days from date of purchase.

Yes, irrespective of the size of the order the time taken will be the same.

We provide free delivery!

Your order status is updated to you via emails and SMSs at every step of the process, for both product and delivery. For any other details or queries you can get in touch with our Customer Care here.

You may get a call from our Logistics’ partner confirming the tentative date and the time of delivery. However, as we do not have any direct control over the logistics partner, we cannot guarantee that they will necessarily call before getting your order for delivery. In rare cases, if they are not able to find you at your address, when they reach your delivery address, they will leave a notice/message, notifying you of an alternative delivery or pick-up arrangement. We also request you to double check that you have entered the right address and phone number at the time of placing the order. If you are planning to travel and will be unavailable on the contact number, please inform us in advance so that we can plan the shipping and delivery as per your convenience.

Your order status is updated to you via emails at every step. If you are having trouble reading the emails or if you haven’t received any updates, please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 000.

Products will be delivered to whatever address you input in the shipping address fields, while placing the order.

Please call on customer care at +910000. We will assist you to the best of our ability with the change in address.

Our products are delivered in standard packages and cannot not be gift wrapped.

At present, we do not ship overseas. We do however plan to start soon, so please check back in the future.

Measurement of furniture/ packages is the customer’s responsibility and we request you to study the sizes mentioned in the product page carefully and see if the furniture you order fits into your entryway and rooms. We have also provided a cheat sheet about measuring your space here. Please go through the list and inform us well in advance, so we may find a suitable solution for your issue. We will not be responsible if the furniture still does not fit through the entry way/ stairway upon delivery.

Since we ship the items when they are ready for dispatch, it will not be possible for us to expedite the shipping process.

Our customer care will be able to guide you through this. Please call +91 9167016580

The shipment will say RTO under the following situations • You are not available when the product is delivered • You are not contactable • The address provided is wrong • Refusal to accept delivery Two attempts are made for delivery before being returned to the warehouse. If you want the items to be shipped to you again, two way delivery charges will apply. Please call customer care on +910000 to be guided through the process.

Our customer care will be able to guide you through this. Please call +91 9167016580

02. GST Related

GST rates vary from product to product. As per the current GST schedule, there is 18% GST on all furniture and leather goods.

Yes, the GST is included in the price of our products.

As per the Government guidelines, this scheme is only applicable on Business to Business transactions where the purchasing company is GST registered. This facility is not applicable on individual or Business to consumer transactions. In case of some doubt, please feel free to contact us at

03. Product Related

At present, we don’t provide the option to customise.
No, it is not possible to change the polish or finish of the furniture while placing the order.
Product requires Carpenter Assembly or professional service upon delivery. We currently provide Carpenter Assembly service across the country. We can organize the Carpentry Service within 24 hours of delivery of our product depending on your availability.
No, at present we don’t have this facility.
All our products shown on the website are real products and not the digital renditions. Having said that, our products are not mass produced, so each product may have slight differences from the images. Since the photographs are professionally shot, the lighting will alter the colours mildly from what you see in person.
We always suggest to order similar furniture together. We try and keep the product specifications as standardised as possible, but since our products are handcrafted, they may vary from production to production from time to time.

04. Returns, refunds and cancellations

The product can be returned if:

a) it is damaged upon arrival

b) there is a manufacturing defect in the product

c) the wrong product has been delivered.

The return of the product will not be entertained once the product has been accepted by the customer in the presence of the assembly person.

Yes, the order can be cancelled, if it has not been sent out for delivery. A cancellation charge of Rs 500 will be levied.

If Sihasn also finds that the product is defective, the product may be replaced or other corrective measures may be taken, as deemed appropriate by Sihasn’s representative, to address the issue.

If we do not carry the product anymore, we will not replace the product and refund the amount instead.

If upon delivery of the product, you discover that the product packaging has been opened or is damaged, please do not accept the package. You can open the package in front of the courier delivery person and mention the damage, if any, on the Airway bill and immediately notify our Customer Care team. We will either get it repaired onsite or send a replacement product, depending on your preference and product availability. Please note that the Delivery Personnel are not obliged or authorized to open the furniture or packages.

The refund will be processed within 15 business days from the day the product is returned back to our warehouse

05. Buying

We constantly update our product range, so we invite you to visit our website frequently. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter and promotions. We will send you regular updates about our products and promotions via Email or SMS. You can also follow us on our Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.

We provide a twelve-month Limited Warranty. Warranty on a product strictly applies when there is a defect in Product or workmanship with respect to the following components:

a) Wooden frame and springs

b) Hardware(Springs, Mechanism)

c) Damage caused by the carrier, in-transit.

06. Account Creation and Payments

You do not need an account to make a purchase, but creating an account will allow you to track your order on the site, so it is beneficial.

You can click on Login, located at the top right corner of the website, and click on ‘Register’ under the New Customer section. Please fill in the details and submit, you r account will be ready for use.

Our customer service centre is happy to assist you with your order on +91 9167016580.

We accept the following types of payments: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Bank Transfer/ Cheque Payment. We currently do not offer Cash on Delivery(COD).

a) Credit Cards: You need your card, which has the details of cardholder’s name, number, CVV and the expiry date. Apart from this you also need to have your 3D secure password/OAC/ OTP

b) Debit Cards: Keep your card, which has the details of cardholder’s name, number, CVV and expiry date. You will be redirected to the bank site for 3D secure authorization. So keep your OAC/ OTP or IPIN handy as well.

c) Net Banking: Keep your account number or Customer ID as well as your IPIN/ OTP handy.

Yes, we accept international credit cards

We do not retain your debit/credit card information after your order is complete. It is submitted directly to our banks. You can be rest assured that your credit card or bank account information will not be stored. However, we monitor and review transactions on an on-going basis, to identify potentially fraudulent situations and take immediate corrective steps to mitigate/limit any damage caused/likely to be caused from the same.

a) My transaction fails?

Transactions could fail due to multiple reasons. Please check for the following:

i) if the information filled on to payment gateway is accurate i.e. account details, billing address, password (for net banking).

ii) Your Internet connection is not disrupted in the process If your account has been debited after a payment failure, it will be rolled back within 7 working days.

b) If my computer freezes mid-transaction?

All successful transactions will receive a confirmation email or an SMS. If you have not received confirmation via email, please please do not hesitate to call our Customer Care Centre on +91 9167016580

c) My credit card is not accepted?

Please check with your bank or financial institution to rule out errors on their behalf. If problems persist, please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service centre on Phone: +91 9167016580