Ajrakh Trio 4

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Note on Patterns: Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, patterns in product may not be placed in the exact same places as in the product photos.

Fabric Details: Midnight-Blue Ajrakh-dyed Mashru Silk with floral and star-shaped patterns

General specifications: Loveseat + Accent + Circular Storage Ottoman

Wood: Natural Gum Wood & Plywood with Natural Brown Finish; and Sheesham, Flexiply, and Plywood in Gold Natural Finish

Foam: High Density below cushion on frame (single foam attached to frame), on sides of armrest, on back (outer structure of the product)
Removable Cushion: High Density with Dacron Wrap
Ottoman Lid: Combination of High Density 40D & 28D for Lid, High Density 40D for Body

Ajrakh, derived from ‘Azrak’ meaning “blue” in Arabic is the ancient art of Indigo-dyeing block-printed fabric. Our Ajrakh-dyed fabric sourced from Master Craftsman, Ramji Devraj of the Banni tribal community, is done on Mashru silk – a rare technique of silk-weaving with cotton. The pattern is of flowers and the 8-sided star – an ancient symbol significant for many religions. Weaving, block-printing, and dyeing are all done by hand, and all materials and dyes used are organic.

  • Mid-century modern structure facilitating easy maintenance, sweeping, and swabbing
  • Durable and ever-lasting natural gum wood that is light-as-a-feather, yet stiff-as-a-board
  • Certified Master of Functionality-Ergonomics-Comfort-Aesthetics-and-Quality

Our Iskander (Accent), like Alexander the Great, is a young, handsome loner – a hero in his own right.
Laila (2-Seater Loveseat) is as elegant as she is modest.
Tabla (Circular Storage Ottoman) is our cute and rotund member of the band.


Kutch Ajrakh

Furniture Type

2 Seaters(Loveseat), 3 Seaters, Armchairs and Accent Chairs, Ottomans


Gujarat, Kutch


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67,975 66,975

Out of stock