Teshoo Lama – Tabla Duo in Emerald Green Mysore Silk

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Our Iskander (Accent), like Alexander the Great, is a young, handsome loner – a hero in his own right.
Laila (2-Seater Loveseat) is as elegant as she is modest.
Puffy (Pouffe) is poofy. He is cuddly and snuggly and stuffed with fluff.

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Note on Patterns: Given the hand-crafted nature of the product, patterns in product may not be placed in the exact same places as in the product photos.

Fabric Details: Emerald green Mysore silk saree with gold zari border

General specifications: Rocking Chair + Circular Storage Ottoman

Wood: Sheesham, Flexiply, and Plywood in Gold Natural Finish

Foam: High Density below cushion on frame (single foam attached to frame), on sides of armrest, on back (outer structure of the product)

Removable Cushion:High Density with Dacron Wrap

Ottoman Lid:Combination of High Density 40D & 28D for Lid, High Density 40D for Body

Emerald green Mysore silk saree bonded with 50 GSM industrial fabric and then upholstered on the Rocking Chair, the gold zari pallu of the saree being used for the ottoman. This is a crepe silk native to Mysore and holds Geographical Indicator status.

Mid-century modern structures facilitating easy maintenance, sweeping, and swabbing Durable and ever-lasting sheesham wood that is light-as-a-feather, yet stiff-as-a-board Certified Master of Functionality-Ergonomics-Comfort-Aesthetics-and-Quality

Wise as he is playful, calming as he is invigorating, Teshoo Lama (*Rocking Chair*) is the innocent old wingback that should be in every home.
Tabla *(Circular Storage Ottoman)* is our cute and rotund member of the band.

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Rocking Chairs


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