White Linen 3-Seater L-Section (Sofa Bed)

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Haathi (3-Seater L-Section Sofa Bed) will be your Saathi till the end of your days. Capacious and ever-giving he will seat your entire family – grandparents, grandchildren, pets, gardener, and cook – all at once. Your entire brood can recline with their feet up while watching your favourite show on Netflix. His L-shaped trunk is your foot-rest, his mighty reclining rump is your bolster and backrest.

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Product comes with 3 pillows

Fabric Details: Powder-white linen fabric of 340 GSM

General specifications (l x b x h): 83.8 in x 35.8 in x 36.6 in
General Bed Specifications (l x b x h): 74.8 in x 74.8 in x 17 in
Seating height: 16 in
Seating depth: 24 in
Seating width: 74.8 in
Armrest height: 23 in

Wood: Natural Gum Wood in Natural Brown Finish

Foam: High Density Renewable

Our linen, which is woven in Bihar, is the ideal upholstery fabric – soft, elastic, and tensile. It wrinkles and softens with greater use, it has microbial resistance and antibacterial properties, it is antistatic, and it absorbs moisture which makes it a popular fabric to use in apparel especially in hot and humid climates.

The All-In-One L-section that has – not one, not two – but THREE types of extendable footrests – enabling a single person, or two, or three, or four people to put their feet up, kick back, and relax!
Accommodates friends, family, pets, popcorn, pizza, a guitar, a monopoly game, and Twister!
Certified Master of Functionality-Ergonomics-Comfort-Aesthetics-and-Quality


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